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Espad Travel is an Iranian tour operator active and specialized in Inbound tourism of Iran with more than 6 shining years of experience working with travel agencies & tour operators from all over the world. Whether you are seeking an economic tour or a luxurious one, Espad Travel has been privileged to provide the services to those who want to travel to beautiful and mysterious Iran.


Iran is an astonishing new destination which is all attractions combined in one (note able history,
ancient and rare architecture, awesome culture and great nature, etc..) thus as a result, it can be a
brilliant destination located in Middle-East suitable for different types of travel lovers by different travel
desires. Espad travel is inviting you to explore this amazing destination and use our services throughout your visit.


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An extremely hard working and friendly individual who enjoys communicating with others from different cultures and backgrounds, having a great power to attract people in the marketing process”. By posseing more than 10 years of experience in Inbound Tourism of Iran, I’m honored to be aware of the entire sectors of execution an extremely flawless travels to different parts of Iran


Managing Director

Dynamic, result-oriented professional with 30 years of Extensive Executive Experience. Skilled at establishing operational excellence within diverse environments.Strategic creative thinker with proven results in developing strategic plans and generating new sources of revenue, Executing multi-faceted global business development campaigns for optimizing revenue in competing markets and situations.

Mehdi Shamsaee

Inbound Tours Manager

A very big fan of tourism industry since 2007. Me and my team is committed
to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and
enthusiasm, with our years of experience. Our greatest satisfaction comes in
serving large numbers of satisfied clients who have experienced the joys and
inspiration of travel. Excellence in customer service and technical skills has
become vital within the work groups. 


Culinary Tours Instructor

Not only a chief, but also an English speaking tour guide who is enough experienced to execute different types of Iran culinary tours, whether as a single tour or as a mixture of cultural tour or the other types. The more receiving guests in our kitchen, the more I’ve found the other methods to provide the guests with more memorable moments during their travel within Iran, specially regards to the culinary tours.


Tour Guide

As a fluent German speaking Iranian tour guide, I’m able to communicate in Egligh as well, in order to be able to be in touch with more tourists. My recognized ability to communicate with people from many different countries has enabled me to lead both lecture and tour groups with great success and acclaim.


Sales Consultant

I’m not sure what I’ll do, but-well, I want to see people,I want to learn about other cultures. “Onism” is Danish word means: The world is a big place as not everyone will get to see it. Onism describes understanding that we’ll never get to see it all. It’s the frustration of being stuck in just one body that can only inhabit one place at a time. I’ll see you in Iran.


Canada Marketing Consultant

By possessing a true aim to let the world know more about my beloved country, IRAN, I’m so excited to promote the glorious Iran in a way that makes people willing to go through it; this is why I’m going to do my best within Canadian tourism market to find suitable connections to provide different types of tours and travel services to those people who wants to travel to Iran.


Head of Kuwait Branch

Counting on more than 20 years of experience in B2B Marketing of tourism industry, I’m trying to found severe B2B relations or partnerships for our company both in GCC region and the western part of Europe; this is how we’re going to expand our target market.


Graphic Designer

As an entirely creative individual who is extremely interested Iran inbound tourism, I’ve been the one who have made the whole graphics which are relevant Espad Travel brand in a way to let the others be aware of Iran in a more sensible platform.



It’s absolutely hard not to love one my shots of Iran, as I’m enough curious in order to find the most specific scenes during your travel. Counting on 5 years of experience in doing photography within Iran Tours, I’ll be help you to explore more of Iran and save better memories

Arad Ghodrati

IT Service Management

AradGhodrati’s goal is to build the best community in the world for helping people and educating people on how to create their own business.

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