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Welcome to Tehran

Rested on the slopes of Alborz mountains and the famous mount Damavand, Tehran is the world’s 15th most populist city and 28th largest city in the world. It’s best known with Azadi and Milad towers. Initially, Tehran was a little town with strategic importance. So, Agha Mohammad Khan, the first Qajar king, appointed it as Iran’s capital in 1778. Nowadays, Tehran is mostly known with crowds, smog-filled weather, and traffic-clogged streets. But, there’s much more than these troubles to discover in this overflowing city. There are lots of parks and cozy places you should visit which we’ll cover soon in this post. Tehran is situated about one mile above the sea. Thus, it’s cooler than most of the other capitals in the middle east and you can enjoy a great climate during your tour in this city. In the summer, however, the temperature might reach up to 40 centigrade degrees.

Why Espad Travel?

Espad Travel is an Iranian tour operator active and specialized in Inbound tourism of Iran with more than 6 shining years of experience working with travel agencies & tour operators from all over the world. Whether you are seeking an economic tour or a luxurious one, Espad Travel has been privileged to provide the services to those who want to travel to beautiful and mysterious Iran.

Why Iran?

Iran is an astonishing new destination which is all attractions combined in one (note able history, ancient and rare architecture, awesome culture and great nature, etc..) thus as a result, it can be a brilliant destination located in Middle-East suitable for different types of travel lovers by different travel desires. Espad travel is inviting you to explore this amazing destination and use our services throughout your visit.

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Tehran Daily Tours

Tehran, the capital city of Iran, is where to explore some of the most fascinating attractions of Iran which are mainly about Museums and the royal palaces complexes. Here in Tehran, Espad Travel is going to provide you with daily tours of Iran to take you to the most highlighted sites of Tehran locating within different parts of the city. We're honored to provide our Tehran daily tours in different styles, from the most luxurious VIP & private tours to the budget group tours. Don't forget that WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE,this is why your Tehran daily tour will be an amazing experience for those non-english speaking tourists.

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Tehran Daily Tours

Top things to do in Tehran

Tehran is home of museums, royal palaces, historical houses and districts and many other matters to explore. The capital city of Iran, Tehran, is where you can see the evidences of a 2500 year civilization which is being shown within Iran national museum, Iran national jewelry museum. The other most highlighted type of attractions here in Tehran is the royal palaces which are located within different regions of the city. From Golestan palace within the old part of the city to Saad Abad palace and Niavaran palace locating within the northern parts of the lovely Tehran.

Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace is an outstanding UNESCO World Heritage located within the heartland of the old Tehran part.

National Museum

National Museum of Iran is a rare evidence to prove an awesome history & civilization which belongs to the former great Persia

Jewelry Museum

National Jewelry Museum of Tehran is where to visit the world's most glorious royal jewels all together

More Tehran Attractions

Top Tehran hotels

 Tehran is where to find the most vast variety of hotels here in Iran; as it's embracing the most luxurious top five star hotels of Iran and Tehran, like Espinas palace hotel Parsian Azadi hotel & etc, to less expensive one star hotels locating within the o0lder part of Tehran.So, no matter you're looking for what types of accommodation, Tehran will feed you compeletely.

Where to stay in Tehran?

Through your memorable travel to Iran, you’ll be shocked by the awesome variety of different hotels, this is how it would be possible to consider Iran as a unique destination. It’s really hard to find somewhere which is possessing some traditional boutique houses to be restored and now being used as hotels, while embracing the modern 5 star hotels which are somehow close to the international standards of hotelier industry. Iran is right this destination by embracing a vast number of hotel varied in the category and the types of services.

More Tehran Hotels

Top Tehran restaurants

Foods in Tehran can be a fascinating part of your tour to Iran and specially in Tehran. Different types of foods and vary vast range of restaurants are waiting for you. Espad Travel is going to introduce the majority of most highlighted restaurants in Tehran.

Shemroon Cafe

Shemroon Cafe is a multi branch cafe possessing many branches in Tehran.


A luxurious style restaurant in depth of northern part of Tehran, Fereshteh st .

Shandiz - Jordan

Shandiz is a multi-branch restaurant providing high quality Iranian foods.

More Tehran Restaurants

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