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Espad Travel is an Iranian tour operator active and specialized in Inbound tourism of Iran with more than 6 shining years of experience working with travel agencies & tour operators from all over the world. Whether you are seeking an economic tour or a luxurious one, Espad Travel has been privileged to provide the services to those who want to travel to beautiful and mysterious Iran.


Iran is an astonishing new destination which is all attractions combined in one (note able history,
ancient and rare architecture, awesome culture and great nature, etc..) thus as a result, it can be a
brilliant destination located in Middle-East suitable for different types of travel lovers by different travel
desires. Espad travel is inviting you to explore this amazing destination and use our services throughout your visit.


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CEO & The founder message

Michael Ghatee

CEO Message ” Through 1.648 million km² Iran area, through more than 80 million population of it, through 32 states of it and even through it’s 1148 cities, Espad Travel will be your assistant in order to provide you with any types of desired services based on Iranian government rules & regulations; this is why we recommend you: Take Espad Travel With You Wherever You Go in Iran!”

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