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The Alborz restaurant

The Alborz restaurant was founded in 1346 by the late Barmas. From the outset, the restaurant's aim was to provide the best quality food and raise the standard of work in this class. The restaurant was moved to its current location, North Sohrevardi Street, in the corner of Nikokam Alley in 1350. In the years when new management systems and quality and hygiene standards were lacking in the restaurant and barbecue industry, Alborz's barbecue was trying to implement the new management system. HACCP systems, the use of health professionals, ISO and management systems, sending people overseas for specialized courses are all among the things that Alborz Restaurant is leading. Alborz Restaurant now serves its customers with more than 120 specialist staff, two reception halls, and a more consistent VIP lounge than ever before.


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