Divan Restaurant

Divan Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Fereshteh Tehran area. The high quality of the restaurant's services and cuisine and the location alongside the quality have made the Divan more popular in Tehran. Delicious food is one of the reasons the Divan restaurant is popular among young people. The luxurious and stylish environment and the 5-star service are among the best features of this restaurant in Tehran, among other restaurants. If you like Iranian cuisine and salads are very modern and modern, be sure to head to the Divan Restaurant, the ambience and decor are very special. By the way, this restaurant is considered by many to be the most expensive restaurant in Tehran and a simple meal will cost you over 100,000 Tomans. At the Sam Center you can sample all the Iranian cuisine in the most delicious and fashionable way you have ever eaten. The Sam Center Divan menu is very varied and we recommend the steak steak here. Divan is the first restaurant to serve Iranian food in this style. That's why not only Iranians are attracted to it, but many tourists and foreigners alike experience this restaurant serving Iranian food. .


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