Gilaneh Restaurant

Gilaneh Restaurant in Tehran is one of the best restaurants in the capital serving the most delicious Gilani food to our beloved compatriots. This chic and luxurious restaurant can be found in the Jordan region, on the Boulevard of Africa and amidst the famous Mediterranean Passage. A place where you can cook some of the best Northern cuisine at a gourmet reception. But now with the opening of several Gilani restaurants in Greater Tehran, people are enjoying the most delectable local food in the city without much hassle. Gilaneh Tehran is ready to host the capitals in two branches of Eliyah and Jordan. The restaurant's menu includes a range of hearty Gilani dishes such as shrimp, fish and vegetable pilaf. You can also enjoy the exquisite taste of traditional ice cream, baklava and Gilani dried strands. Eat cows, delicious Lahijan tea and sour tea never forget this restaurant. Gilaneh Tehran restaurant is one of those restaurants that you will enjoy after spending some time in beautiful and scenic surroundings and pleasant food. So do not waste your time and visit this wonderful restaurant as soon as possible. .


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