Jordan Shandiz Restaurant

Divan Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Fereshteh Tehran area. The high quality of the This restaurant is among the luxurious restaurants of Iran based on Lacquer Estates. The main purpose of this collection is to create a distinctive experience of Iranian cuisine made with unique Iranian lamb and barbecue and to promote the cuisine of Iranian cuisine and traditions among the international enthusiasts. Shandiz values consumers by providing guests with the highest quality of Iranian food that is of global interest. This value starts from the very early stages of the raw material. Decades of experience in the production of high quality and distinct raw materials, quality assurance and selection of foods that are of universal and universal interest in which the taste of meat is central. Shandizi maintains a harmonious harmony in the variety of foods and delivers the dishes to the guests and has maintained this consistency. If you are looking for a quiet and very formal atmosphere for your special guests, take a look at the formalities room. Rest assured, a different experience awaits you and your guests and in the future you will have many memories of that unforgettable night.


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