Moslem Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Tehran that you have probably heard of is the undisputed restaurant in Tehran's big market. It is interesting to know that sometimes people from all over the city love to eat Moslem food and come to the Tehran market to come to their salvation after eating Islamic food. Since the size of the restaurant is very large, each press is enough for two people, so the price of the food in this restaurant is reasonable as each press is for two people. Also, if you plan to visit this restaurant you will surely experience delicious food. In this restaurant the quality of the food is superb and the shape of the food really motivates. If you are planning to find a place to sit soon, visit the restaurant at 12 Pm. Which has the most unique china in Tehran, always busy but very quickly preparing everything and waiting for its wonderful food.


Here's all information you need to know About this restaurant

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