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Tehran’s sa’adabad Palace is located on the slopes of Alborz Range, in the northernmost and most humid region of Tehran. Covering about 20000 meters, the Sa’adabad complex includes natural forest, springs, aqueducts, gardens, greenhouses and streets. At the time of Qajar, the palace was used as the summer residence of the Qajar kings, and at the time of the first Pahlavi, it was also his residence. Sa’adabad's palace later became the Second Pahlavi, and he made numerous changes to the palace's buildings. The Sa’adabad Palace Complex consists of 4 museums, each of which was formerly a member of the Imperial family. The Sa’ad Abad Museum Palace has been welcomed by domestic and international tourists for decades, and fewer foreign tourism tours have left Iran in recent years without visiting Tehran’s Sa’adAbad Palace. The palace, which is now widely used for diplomatic purposes, is the official embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to high-ranking foreign personalities who travel to our country. Better to know that there are many libraries and aqueducts in the Sa’adAbad complex of restaurants, gyms and shops. one of the fascinating sights of this palace is a greenhouse that contains rare specimens of flowers. You should know that the Palace of the Sa’ad Abad Museum consists of 18 smaller palaces.

Sa'ad Abad Complex Palaces

1- Ahmad Shahi Palace 2- Shahvand Palace 3-The White House 4-The Dedicated Palace 5-The Asad (Black) Museum of Modern Fine Arts. 6-Shams Palace (Museum of Anthropology). 7-Ashraf Palace (Museum of Dishes and Crafts) 8- Gholamreza Palace 9- Queen Mother's Palace 10- Ahmad Reza's Palace 11- Abdul Reza Building 12- Bahman Pahlavi Palace, son of Gholamreza (UNESCO building). 13- Shahram's son Ashraf Palace (Military Museum). 14- Farida Diba Palace (Museum of Art Creations) 15- The Old Palace of the Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi (Behzad Museum). 16- New Palace of Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi 17- The House of Farahnaz and Alireza Children of Mohammad Reza Shah 18- Leila Palace. In addition to the aforementioned palaces and several other old buildings and facilities such as: poultry and dairy halls, various museums and greenhouses, swimming pools, fountains, tennis courts and bowling alley, cinema and outdoor amphitheater There are collections.

Sa'ad Abad Palace's Gates

The presence of four gates in the palace of Sa’adAbad is a large justification of the palace. 1- Military Gate 2- Zafaraniyah Gate 3- Gate of the river 4- Jafarabad Gate 5- White House Gate 6-Darband Square Gate 7- Darband Street Gate Now we want to give you a brief explanation of the rooms of this beautiful and luxurious palace.

The rooms of Mohammad Reza Shah in sa’adabad

Room or better to say the king's rooms are in close proximity to Farah's room. In the upper right corner is a small workroom and restroom, next to a dressing room and a room for his half-day break. In this room you can see the face painting of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's parents and, of course, the "Two Wives" signature gift of "Foroughi" to the King at the coronation ceremony. All rooms have large balconies.

The rooms of farah Pahlavi in Sa’ad Abad

Almost all of the rooms in the palace are nested but have the same effect, which is more true of the king's and farah's rooms. Farah Pahlavi has a makeup room filled with American cosmetics and Czech and bronze crystal chandeliers. This room on the left reaches her music and sports room, and on the right, she shares a bedroom with Mohammad Reza. There are still some of her clothes that are Baluchi needlework. There is also a work room in the palace, which besides her work room, her little girl Leila and her niece.

Sa’ad Abad dining room

In the same corridor, if you turn left, you will find a stunning dining hall that is filled with silverware covered with gold and French candlesticks. Including all furniture, beds and all the furniture of the house and of course the textiles and curtains are French. In the corner of the dining room you can see the ancient Qajar antique. The crew decorates the food in the same space and is ready to enter and serve.

Study Room Alireza Pahlavi

A little further away from Farahnaz's room is Farah and Mohammad Reza's eldest daughter, who, like her brother, has a private bath and dresser. Between the rooms of the two king's children is the room of their ancestors who lived in this room.

Removable lounge and dedicated movie theater

When you open the door, it catches the ceiling and tall pillars of your building all the time, and if you lift your head a little, you'll see a removable aluminum or sunroof roof that opens and closes. So you can open the house for days to shed light, watch the stars at night, and even light up the sky and enjoy the light. It is necessary to mention that The palace has two floors and The architect of the building is an Iranian engineer named Mohsen Foroughi. Who is the designer of Sa’adia Shiraz. Home decoration is also the work of a French team.

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Saturday till Tuesday 14:00 - 17:00

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Cultural & Historical Museum

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