Things To Do in Tehran

As one of the most highlighted Iranian cities in terms of tourism matters, Tehran is where the majority of Iran tours start from and end in. This is why it's now considered as a gateway. But, it's better to express the importance of this marvelous city in terms of embracing Top museums and royal palaces of Iran. Espad Travel is going to introduce Tehran's Toppest attractions here in This section. These rare information will help you better to make your decision regards to your Tehran tours better

Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace is an outstanding UNESCO World Heritage located within the heartland of the old Tehran part.

National Museum

National Museum of Iran is a rare evidence to prove an awesome history & civilization which belongs to the former great Persia

Jewelry Museum

National Jewelry Museum of Tehran is where to visit the world's most glorious royal jewels all together

Sa'ad Abad Palace

Sa'ad Abad Palace is one of the outstanding royal palaces of Iran locating in the northern part of Tehran by embracing 18 different palaces.

Niavaran Palace

Niavaran Palace is the name of a historical cultural complex in the north of Tehran which is one of the spectacular attractions

Azadi Tower

Azadi tower is one of the most important icons of Tehran and Iran and has great importance among the people of Iran.

Tehran Grand Bazaar

One of Tehran's most famous monuments is the Tehran Bazaar, which is located on 15 Khordad Street.

Tehran Glassware & Pottery Museum

Abgineh Museum of Tehran is actually Qavam al-Saltanah's personal home that specializes in pottery and glass art in Iran.

Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat Bridge is a three floors bridge located at the north of Tehran at Abbas Abad area connecting to parks of Teghani and Water and Fire park together

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